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DECATTi® is the Founder & Creative Director of Eastlake Enterprise, Purple Pages®, Biscayne Radio®, Biscayne Gang®, 3oFive®, Broward Born®, and BRWD®. In 2012, DECATTi® released his debut solo recording album entitled ‘Broward Born’ and he as well released his debut published book entitled ‘A Reason To Write’. Both the album and the book are now available for sale online… get your copy today! As an artist, DECATTi® is currently working on his next album entitled ‘Miami-Made’ which may be available in 2018. As a developer, DECATTi® is currently working on version 3.0 of Purple Pages® mobile app. As a designer, DECATTi® is currently creating all new apparel for Biscayne Gang®. And as an Entrepreneur, DECATTi® is currently working on the start-up of Biscayne Radio®.

Name: Denny Ricatti Birthplace: Fort Lauderdale Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Studio: Miami, Florida Label: Biscayne Gang® Manager: Anchor Management Publisher: JohnRoddy Publishing Top 10: Tupac, Eminem, Snoop, DMX, KanYe, Outkast, Common, Biggie, Jay-Z & Nas


Biscayne Gang®

Apparel & Membership club located in Miami, FL. Creating and designing apparel inspired by beautiful Biscayne for both men and women.

Apparel · Biscayne Gang · Brands

Broward Born®

Apparel & Membership club for both men and women. Designing and delivering new apparel inspired by beautiful Broward County in Florida.

Apparel · Brands · Broward Born · BRWD


Apparel & Membership club for both men and women, located in Miami Florida. Creating and designing apparel inspired by the beautiful 305.

3oFive · Apparel · Brands

Eastlake Enterprise

Established in 2004, Eastlake is a one-stop shop for Creative Multimedia Services such as Website Development, Branding, Graphic Design and Audio-Visual Productions.

Brands · Eastlake · Marketing

Purple Pages®

Purple Pages® is a mobile application directory designed to search and provide Entertainment & Arts Industry contact information based on your desired location.

Brands · Mobile App · Purple Pages

Biscayne Radio®

A brand new independent digital radio station located in Miami, FL. Biscayne Radio® is currently being developed and will be available to the public in 2018.

Biscayne Radio · Brands · Radio Station