An aspiring Recording Artist & Personality based out of beautiful Miami, FL. Equipped with over 13 years of experience in the arts & entertainment industry.

Owner of The Tridecagon: a marketing agency, production studio, and an I.P. holding company.

Creative Director: FLORIDApparel®, PurplePages®, Prince Sky Lyon®, Kaya Presley®, Biscayne Radio® and more!

“I was born and raised in South Florida, so I’ve had the luxury of growing up living in paradise… From playing on the streets to cruising down the beaches on the weekends… I’ve certainly gotten to enjoy it all around here.

And although I actually went out of state for college to go study business, I later came back home to start my career in the entertainment industry. I first graduated as an Audio Engineer from SAE Miami, and then I started to work at several studios in Florida. After that I started to manage talent, from artists to producers and even a band. Years later, I eventually got back into my own artistry and released my very own first music album called ‘Broward Born’. It was released in 2012 alongside my very first self-published book entitled ‘A Reason To Write’. Both are available for sale today!

Currently I’m working on my follow up album called ‘Miami-Made’. It is inspired by the place that I call home, Miami-Dade County. The first songs off the album like ‘Hoodwinked’, ‘Sonshine’, ‘2020 Vision’, and ‘Plandemic’ are out now on iTunes & Spotify! New songs will be released monthly until the album is ready to go. The album will be released on 3o5 Day! 3/05/2023. So stay tuned, the album is coming soon…”

“The Future is a Present from The Past…”


Sky Lyon, Kaya Presley, Ky-Mani Marley, GunPlay, Webbz, Jordan Hollywood, Dashius Clay, Xperimento, Jay Bape, DJ Entice, Thurteen, Jon The Barber, Ali Rebel, J.Peguero, Bucksito, AO, Epidemic, Sonny Daze, Maniac Park, Sh8kez, JohnnyDu, DJ Cam One, Jee Juh Beats, J’Quon, On A Square